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TUniFileUpload questions


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Is there a way to avoid the dialog box with TUniFileUpload.

Exemple can i write this "http://locahost:8077?filetoupload=c:\myimage.jpg and my server start the upload automatically ?


For security reasons, browsers do only allow the user to select files manually for upload.


In the same way, can i upload multi files with TUniFileUpload with wildward or not in once ?


For new browsers you can use HTML5 in a TUniHtmlFrame. But users must select or drag&drop files.

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Hi Oliver,

I found your javascript about drag & drop (http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/1889-dd-from-os). That script brings news issues. I hope you can have a little time to lose to answer them.

1st: This script takes into account only one image. How could i use it with multi images ?

2nd: How can i save the images in an upload folder or cache folder or else ?

3rd: After the execution of the script, is there a way to send to an delphi procedure the path and/or the names of the images previously saved ?


I found numerous links about drag&drop then upload. But the upload use some php procedure that i can not use with unigui. This link (http://www.sitepoint.com/html5-file-drag-and-drop/) seems good but they use upload.php too.


best regards,


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1st: In the function "handleFiles(files)" the var "files" contains all files. I use only "var file = files[0];" for getting the first one. You must loop over all files ("for .... files").


2nd: In the function "handleReaderLoad(evt)" the var "evt.target.result" contains a string like this:


<img src="data:image/png;base64,
vr4MkhoXe0rZigAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==" alt="Roter Punkt" />


You can upload this string (as parameter) to server using function "ajaxRequest()" and then handle it on server using the "onAjaxRequest"-event of the form (or a component) on server.


In "onAjaxRequest" on server you must extract the base64-code and decode it to binary file and save it. For decoding base64 there should be functions in Delphi (maybe in IndyComponents).


3rd: The name of the file is in the var "file.name". Send it to the server in the ajaxRequest() as parameter.

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