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accessing server side data from client side javascript


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It is so great to be able to do some client-side scripting,

especially on mousemove, without generating any server communication.


But how do I access server variables? Tried accessing property fields

on forms, but that did not work.


About Unigui, this is such a great idea - the more I use it, the more

I realize how incredibly smart a solution this is. I have searched for

6 years for a webapp RAD solution, and nothing was good enough, until this.


Just beautiful.


Anyways, I need access to server-side data...! Please help someone...


And I cannot trigger a call for server-side data each time I move the

mouse - preferrably I would move some server-side data to the client

by some previous procedure, so it would be accessible when mousemove hits.



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If I should reply to my own question, I'd say

that you cannot access anything on client side

other than whats already loaded in the browser,

so if you want access to a table, you have to

load that previously in a grid and just make it

invisible, because from client side you can only

access the ext components and their loaded data.


Am I right?

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But let's say I preiously declared some datastructures in

javascript, isnt there a way to push data from the server

to those structures?


Isnt there some ext "clientside datastore" component

where I can push a bunch of data, that I can later

access in client side javascript?

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