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TUnimDBGrid onDrawColumnCell event


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I found issue on mobile platform with UnimDBGrid onDrawColumnCell event. If event is empty, working fine. If I add some code, like

      if UniMainModule.xf_menu.FieldValues['QUANTITYBILL']>0 then

         Attribs.Color := $DFDFFF;

Sometimes, redrawing is incorrect. See pics.



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Answer is office@pidkova.biz. I updated my subscription some time ago. I had issue with installation new version. I wrote a lot of e-mail to support@fmsoft.net and I had robot answer only. Nobody solved my problem. I don`t know how is working support service now. Year ago was fine. I don`t know how I can get support now.



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Just confirming that we got your request. We're on it.

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This is shared with Dmytro lendel.

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1 minute ago, Sherzod said:

Can you test on android?

On a desktop mobile browser emulator? Are there any errors in the console?

It was real Apply devises. Phone and Tablet. Desktop is working fine. 2 browsers. Google and Safari. Tomorrow I`ll provide full testing on all platforms.

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