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    Ok. I`ll prepare today.
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    Hello, I read it and tried to implement but it`s not working while I set RowCount:=NewValue in runtime Reguards, Dmytro
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    Hello, Somebody is working with StringGrid? DefaultRowhight does not work UniStringGrid1.Options:=UniStringGrid1.Options-[goVertLine, goHorzLine] does not work in runtime UniStringGrid1.RowHeights[0]:=60 does not work and UniStringGrid1.RowHeights always return 0 ? Reguards, Dmytro
  4. Pink-El

    Cinema hall

    Hello, I need help. Small cinema. I need draw hall with sits. For the desktop I can use String grid and catch user click. How to implement it for mobile version? May be string grid is not good solution, may be somebody know how to implement it in other way? Thank you, Dmytro
  5. Hello, Have you small exmple how to use quagga within UNIGUI? Thank you, Dmytro Lendel
  6. Hello, Thank you very much for link. Will check. Dmytro Lendel
  7. Idea is very simple. I need check barcode in database with mobile device. I found QuickMark application. This application can recognize barcode by camera and open url with value after reading. My application has login form. What I can do in this case? 1 use onShow event of the login form 2 use cookis and hide login form 3 httpcommand of the server module Seems that second way is good solution Thank you, Dmytro Lendel
  8. I am sorry. I found solution. OnShow event of the login form. Thank you
  9. Hello, How to skip login form if param in url exists? Example In this case I do not need login form and I can`t to catch barcode in login form. Thnak you, Dmytro Lendel
  10. Hello, Build 1292. Problem with UnimDBListGrid and UnimDBGrid. 1 Open dataset 2 Select any record 3 Close and Open dataset 4 Will see message: UnimDBListGrid Index out of bounds (-1) Example http://www.pidkova.biz/download/soft/DBListGrid.zip PS I am sorry. i did found any button to attach archive here Regards, Dmytro
  11. Thank you. I know about back button. I need back by code if it`s possible. Selected property of the Node does not work. Do you know another way?
  12. Hello, if (UnimNestedList.Selected<>nil) then UnimNestedList.Selected.Collapse(True); Collapse method call Ajax error "_cnf_" not defined I need back to the previews level of the UnimNestedList. How to do it? Dmytro
  13. Heelo Farshad, If to place UnimNestedList on UnimCarouselPage will be run-time error: Object OP30 not found. Can you fix it please? Carousel is very useful object but it impossible to use. example source http://www.pidkova.biz/download/soft/Project1.zip Dmytro
  14. You right. Thank you. FastReport was a reason of the crashing. It located on the TUniMainModule and seems asynchronously destroying is crashing server. FastReport is using FastScript that working with owner thread. No synchronization and when session closing crashing occurs :-( Dmytro
  15. My application is using FIBPlus and FastReport. Problem occurs when I try to refresh session. Sometimes is ok, sometimes is error and after that server is show AV page for all future connections. Other situations: Server is started. Application is running. I closed session and browser. In a few minutes I try to open application again and I`ve got error with AV
  16. uni proff Delphi XE server is working some minutes and stoped with error result is here log file is here www.pidkova.biz/download/A2016-03-15.log (I did not found how attach it here I am sorry) Dmytro
  17. Hello, I do not know what is happened but my application is crashed under IIS. Start is well, working some time without problems then exception: “An Exception has occured in application: Access violation at address 01F7646D in module 'webwaiter.dll'. Read of address 00000008” In the log webwaiter.dll: 00000ED0: 12:30:13 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EAccessViolation : Access violation at address 01F7646D in module 'webwaiter.dll'. Read of address 00000008 : Addr: $01F7646D webwaiter.dll: 00000ED0: 12:33:45 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EAccessViolation : Access violation at address 01F7646D in module 'webwaiter.dll'. Read of address 00000008 : Addr: $01F7646D webwaiter.dll: 00000ED0: 12:33:48 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EAccessViolation : Access violation at address 01F7646D in module 'webwaiter.dll'. Read of address 00000008 : Addr: $01F7646D webwaiter.dll: 00000ED0: 12:35:28 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EAccessViolation : Access violation at address 01F7646D in module 'webwaiter.dll'. Read of address 00000008 : Addr: $01F7646D May be I need to make some specific setting for version 1273? Dmytro
  18. yes you right but why c;\uni\? has to be uniroot\uni right? for example c:\temp\uni if UniRoot:='c:\temp\' Dmytro
  19. No. Runtime procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleBeforeInit(Sender: TObject); begin ExtRoot:='.\[ext]'; UniRoot:='.\[uni]\'; UniMobileRoot:='.\[unim]\'; TouchRoot:='.\[touch]\'; end; I found problem. The name of the folder has to be uni- and not depend what I wrote in UniGUIServerModuleBeforeInit event. I can not found a goal of this behavior. Dmytro
  20. Hello, Build 1273 What is happened with paths? I copied my application to the server and it does not work. In the log: webwaiter.exe: 00000EDC: 18:43:46 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. webwaiter.exe: 00000EDC: 18:43:46 [TUniServerModule]:Erasing Cache Folder... webwaiter.exe: 00000EDC: 18:43:46 [TUniServerModule]:Cache Folder Erased. <0> Files deleted. webwaiter.exe: 00000EDC: 18:43:46 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started. webwaiter.exe: 000007E8: 18:43:55 []:TUniThemeProps: File not found: C:\unim\css\uni-sencha-touch.css webwaiter.exe: 000007E8: 18:43:55 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\unim\css\uni-ext.css webwaiter.exe: 00000AC8: 18:43:55 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\uni\ext-unicommon-min.js webwaiter.exe: 00000530: 18:43:55 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\unim\locale\ext-lang-ukr.js webwaiter.exe: 0000062C: 18:43:56 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\uni\ext-sync-min.js webwaiter.exe: 00000BD4: 18:43:56 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\unim\touch-unigui-min.js Settings: ExtRoot:='.\[ext]'; UniRoot:='.\[uni]\'; UniMobileRoot:='.\[unim]\'; TouchRoot:='.\[touch]\'; unim and uni are located in the server root folder I tried to set path directly for Uniroot and Unimobileroot on my computer UniRoot:='c:\temp\uni\'; UniMobileRoot:='c:\temp\unim'; and I found in the log; webwaiter.exe: 000038C4: 18:48:52 []:TUniThemeProps: File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\unim\css\uni-sencha-touch.css webwaiter.exe: 000038C4: 18:48:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: c:\temp\touch\resources\css\sencha-touch.css webwaiter.exe: 0000033C: 18:48:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: c:\temp\touch\sencha-touch-all.js webwaiter.exe: 000053A8: 18:48:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\unim\css\uni-ext.css webwaiter.exe: 00007878: 18:48:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\uni\ext-unicommon-min.js webwaiter.exe: 000054D8: 18:48:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\uni\ext-sync-min.js webwaiter.exe: 00004CF0: 18:48:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\unim\locale\ext-lang-uk.js webwaiter.exe: 00006290: 18:48:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: c:\temp\touch\packages\sencha-touch-grid\build\sencha-touch-grid.js webwaiter.exe: 00005024: 18:48:52 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\unim\touch-unigui-min.js How to fix it? Dmytro
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