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  1. Hello, Seems I am unlucky guy... No solution no comments... Dmytro
  2. Hello, I prepared virtual machine with Win7. I installed application on this machine and can demonstrate error. Is it useful for you? I can upload machine and send link with short instruction. Dmytro
  3. I can`t create test. It`s random error and I can`t understand what is depend on. It`s common form, common query, search field and grid with search result. I made clear installation on customer`s computer. Windows 7. I tried on desktop and on mobile devices. First 2-3 queries worked fine. Now error is all the time. I restarted application, restarted computer, tried other browser. Same error. No ideas. Sad Dmytro....
  4. Hello, Can somebody comment this error? What does it mean? What depended on? Open&Close query with search param. Clear SQL query, DataSource and TUnimDBListGrid Dmytro
  5. No result. This solution is for mDBGrid, I am using mDBListGrid CustomCSS .custom64Glyph .x-icon-el { width: 64px !important; height: 64px !important; } .x-gridcell .x-mgrid-cell .x-mgridcell { word-wrap: break-word; white-space: pre-wrap; } .customItem .x-gridcell-body-el { white-space: normal; } beforeinit function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.itemConfig = { height: 50 }; } Result
  6. Hello, How I can implement word-wrap: break-word; effect for TUnimDBListGrid? I found solution for TUnimDBGrid: .x-big .x-gridcell { word-wrap: break-word; } I tried add in CustomCSS following code .x-big .x-gridcell .x-mgrid-cell .x-mgridcell{ word-wrap: break-word; } but no effect Thank you, Dmytro
  7. Hello, Delphi XE Framework version is TUnimDBGrid generate a mistake. What is wrong? Some times good, some times this message. Sad Dmytro 😞
  8. Ok. Thank you. I`ll try and report about result Best wishes, Dmytro
  9. Hello, I found problem but I don`t know how to solve it does not work http://localhost:8077 is working fine Any ideas? Dmytro
  10. Path Does not work with default path I tried set path manually like ExtRoot:='D:\Developer\vclxe\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\ext-7.5.1'; UniRoot:='D:\Developer\vclxe\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\uni-'; UniPackagesRoot:='D:\Developer\vclxe\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\unipackages-7.5.1'; Same result Dmytro
  11. Yes, I installed over Some applications stop to work with message "uniSyncObj.xEncode is not a function" I uninstalled unilib, deleted all bpl and root dir. Made clear installation. Recompiled all bpl and no result Dmytro
  12. Hello, Can`t run any desktop example. Browser message is "uniSyncObj.xEncode is not a function" Mobile examples are working fine. I checked path [uni] and [ext]. All correct. UniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1564 Delphi XE What I need to check else? Dmytro
  13. Never mind. I am sorry for my emotions. Thank you. Show must go on. Regards, Dmytro
  14. It was real Apply devises. Phone and Tablet. Desktop is working fine. 2 browsers. Google and Safari. Tomorrow I`ll provide full testing on all platforms.
  15. do you need all sent e-mails here?
  16. complete professional I sent screen shorts from my account. What I need to do else? support@fmsoft.net keeps silence. Forum members can`t recognize me. And??? Are you from development team? Can you help me? Dmytro
  17. Hello, Answer is office@pidkova.biz. I updated my subscription some time ago. I had issue with installation new version. I wrote a lot of e-mail to support@fmsoft.net and I had robot answer only. Nobody solved my problem. I don`t know how is working support service now. Year ago was fine. I don`t know how I can get support now. Dmytro
  18. Hello, I am sorry. I forgot about rules. Version is 1.9.1564 Professional Dmytro
  19. Hello, I found issue on mobile platform with UnimDBGrid onDrawColumnCell event. If event is empty, working fine. If I add some code, like if UniMainModule.xf_menu.FieldValues['QUANTITYBILL']>0 then Attribs.Color := $DFDFFF; Sometimes, redrawing is incorrect. See pics. Dmytro
  20. Hello, I found confusion in packages. Delphi XE is uniGUI_2010_PlusGroup not uniGUI_XE_PlusGroup Dmytro Lendel
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