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Edit Data unidbGrid (Desktop VS Web Mode)


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Hi All,


uniDBGrid has a different behavior in editting a cell value between desktop and web mode.

In desktop mode, in a selected cell we can just type a new value then the selected value will be overwrite,

but in web mode before typing we should type Enter key to unselect the cell value.


How can I change this behavior so in web mode dbgrid can be like in desktop mode ?


thank in advance


Sorry for my bad english.

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Hi All,


The same problem seems relevant to many, the user has to press 2 times Enter in mass edit data in the grid:

Edited field, hit Enter to save, record shifted down and to have one more time to press Enter, to enter the edit mode of the cell.


Give somebody a code call ExtEvent. which is responsible for the transition of the cell into edit mode?

(like event "select", I could be wrong, have long had to deal with this by AjaxEvent saw the order of events that are called when editing a cell in the grid)


Thank you.

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