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Access in the application with parameters.


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Hello Farshad,


I need to implement something relatively simple, but i need an idea of how to make the UniGui framework.


I have my application with the main screen(DisplayMode = mfPage), which shows a panel for the user enters the name and password to enter the site. In this panel i have a unilabel that the user can click if he forgot the password, where it shows a new panel to the user inputs the email. In the email sent will contain a link with a token for the user.


In the email sent a link must go something like:



What I need is:


When the user access the link should go to a page of the application so that he can enter the new password. That is, the application should recognize the need to enable the panel to the new password and do not show the main login screen.


With this i have questions or clarifications:


1) How can i use the parameters for the above need?

2) How to map the application to be called or enabled a panel/form/frame to display the screen for this specific need?

3) Any other way to get what i need? Any idea?


Thanks for your attention.


Best Regards.

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