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I've recently installed Rad Studio XE2 and am attempting to comple a working ISAPI module to a 32 bit target platform.

The exe works fine locally. When I deploy to a 64bit windows 2008 IIS7 environment the XE2 vesion hangs, but the XE version runs fine.

Is there somthing I'm missing when using fmsoft_unigui_beta_0.87.0.907 in an XE2 environment?

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Problem was related to my feeble attempt tp raise a javascript alert in mainform.scripts.

XE2 seems to work with the 32bit target

I cleared my faulty code and the app works as a 32-bit DLL on a wndows server 2008 64bit IIS7 server


Is there some help for how to inject javascript when mainform loads and to turn off the automatic keyboard on the touchpad when i enter a combo box control?

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