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Set Plugins to any uniGUI component


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I'm trying to set a 'plugins' from ExtJS for TuniEdit for example.

I have tried many method but without success....

But, if it is 'extension' or 'override', I've done it successfully....


For example, I try to set the plugins for TuniEdit like this: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?77984-Field-help-text-plugin

and also this: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?125958-Simple-Field-Access-plugin-Lock-Unlock-to-restrict-or-allow-input-data

All failed...

Can somebody help me work it out???

Thanks before..

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function OnBeforeInit(sender)
 sender.plugins=[  new Ext.ux.FieldHelp("Some help text") ];


Just want to report, here's what I got:


1. The plugins initialize correctly now. (Thanks for the 'OnBeforeInit')


2. But, there's a bit problem with the result.

Here's the result:


a. Output from browser:post-298-0-59922700-1322911230_thumb.jpg

b. Capture from design time: post-298-0-04768000-1322911258_thumb.jpg

c. Here's what I got from Chrome Inspect: post-298-0-21490100-1322911275_thumb.jpg



Can somebody suggest me what to do? Thanks before..

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Perhaps this plugin assumes that Ext.Form has its layout property set to form, while uniGUI uses an absolute layout.


Well, after working around with the plugins, I finally manage to make it work properly.

No, it's not about the 'layout of the form' problem, but the 'wrap' problem.

When you create a 'wrap' for a component, the resulted 'div' do not copy the 'style object' of the wrapped component.

So, I have to modified the plugins to add this 'style object' i.e. the top,left,width config,

from the wrapped component to the resulted wrap object.


Anyway, thanks Farshad for your advise.

I'll post this modified plugins after I test it thoroughly in this forum if somebody wants to use it.

Cheers and Thanks for your great uniGUI, I love it very much and really unpatiently waiting for the next upgrade.


Btw, here's the result now: :D



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