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We all know that ads can be quite annoying. But when the site offers you free content that interests you, it's more than fair to let some

advertising be displayed to generate revenue. When you're on the other side of the screen and with bills to pay things change a little. In

most cases the user installs AdBlock  (and other blockers) and forgets about it. It is worth remembering!

Going through this problem, I made a simple program using JQuery on uniGUI to show if the user is using AdBlock when entering a page (in this

case, my uniGUI app).

This program has an "alert ()" in the JS code. Comment this part if you don't want to show it. The JS code also generates an ajaxRequest that

triggers an event where it can best handle how it notifies the user that he has AdBLock active on his browser

Works with all ad blockers. Note that it does not test whether your advertisement is being displayed but whether advertising screens can be displayed on the screen or not and whether they are being blocked.

PS: Not tested in mobile, before you ask me. Later , I will test it.



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