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Problems with two Unigui Applications on the same IIS Server [RESOLVED ]

Fábio Matte

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Problems with two Unigui Applications on the same IIS Server

Good afternoon,
I have two Unigui applications running on IIS.
One at port 81 and one at port 82.
But if I open http: // localhost: 81, and then open a new window and try to open it to http: // localhost: 82, it keeps loading http: // localhost: 81 and in that situation I have to keep giving Ctrl + F5 several times until it opens at http: // localhost: 82.
Once you have opened http: // localhost: 82 it is the APP http: // localhost: 81 which gives the same problem.

How do I fix this? I already researched but could not find material or a solution.

Note ..: PHP sites work normal, the problem is with applications made with Unigui.
This happens if you try to open in the same browser (Tested in Chrome)

Follows the images of the Pool configuration of the two applications


APP 01


APP 02


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