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Multiple uniSession.AddJS

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Hi , 

I have this code on activecolumn to show roweditor and set focus to the first field .

unisession.AddJS(Grid.JSName+'.getPlugin().startEdit('+Grid.CurrRow.ToString+',0); ');
unisession.AddJS(Grid.JSName+'.getPlugin().editor.focus();')  ;

Row editor is shown but it doesn't set focus to the first field.

If I execute second command with uniTimer then it gets focus .

If I want to insert a new record on the first row then I must do it in 3 steps:

1, move to first record 

2, timer event to insert record 

3, and then timer event to send focus to the first field of roweditor

Is there a easier way to execute scripts without timers ?


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If I understand you correctly, ExtJS's focus( [selectText], [delay] ) method accepts defer (delay) as an argument, so you can try to use it

Also you can try to use Ext.defer:

}, 500); //-> 500 ms


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Thank You, I'll try it.

I found an issue for that i need to manualy send focus to the first field.

When the grid is set to edit with uni_sencha theme then row editor doesn't gets focus .

With other theme for example uni_win10 the row editor gets focus and work as it should.

There is some bug in sencha theme ..

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