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TUniDateTimePicker does not take 1330

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i got a little problem with the TUniDateTimePicker. As long as a time is entered that starts with numbers from 1-12 it always sets the colon right. The moment when the first 2 digits are bigger than 12 like 1301, 1302 etc. it does not set the colon right. There is a similar problem with some dates that are not recornized.

I tried setting differnt formating values but not one of them is changing the outcome.

I didnt find a way to manipulate the outcome in the OnExit Event either, since i use it as a Editor in a TUniDBGrid RowEdit.


Im using Version at the moment.


Is there a way to make the TUniDateTimePicker recognize the values for time and date like it does most of the time? Or can i manipulate the result even in a rowedit or in the Tunidatetimepicker itself?


A solution would be great because it helps the user alot to type in time and date easy without needing to set colons and dots.

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