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Found 3 results

  1. chrisjohn82

    Google maps with pin

    Hi, I wonder if it's possible to put a pin when showing google maps. I'm reading coordinates from mysql and displaying the map that correspond to the coordinates but i want to put a pin to show exactly where on the map the location is? I looked at the google maps demo but there was no pin in the example. Best Regards /Christian
  2. vbdavie

    Google Maps

    I'm using FullBlown demo build 1205 (trial version) The problem is that GoogleMaps used to work and now it doesn't <with chrome>. It does however work on my IPAD. In fact on Safari it works very nicely with the dragging of your finger. WIndows: I am using many different browsers. Here is what's happened. The maps USED to work with my Chrome with my old uniGUI build 1187. Now that I upgraded from 1187 to 1205, it doesn't work with Chrome anymore. My chrome version is Version 45.0.2454.93 m. I also noticed that it doesn't work with my FireFox version 40.0.3 either. It gives the same type of AJAX error message that I have attached as a screen shot. I also have IE8<ugh>, and it doesn't work with that either, but I can't remember if it worked with build 1205. The IE8 issue is NOT a big deal, since the vast majority of the people will NOT be using it. I jsut thought I would provide you with all my experiences. APPLE: I also have an IPAD with Chrome and Safari. It's wierd that they operate differently. Safari: You can drag your finger around and the map scrolls around - Cool. Chrome: You can NOT drag your finger around, but at least it shows the map. Anybody else experience this? Davie
  3. Emiliano

    Google maps integrations

    Hi I would suggest a component that enables integration with google maps thanks Emiliano