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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I just want to know if there is a way to sort a unitreeview, but only the parent nodes, that is, the level 0 of a treenode. I am populating dynamically the items of a treeview, but i need them to be sorted alphabetically, after adding. Can someone ever had this need of sorting a unitreeview and know how to do it? Thanks in advance. Ana
  2. I have a VCL application that use the TreeView MoveTo to move nodes up and down the tree. If I use exactly the same code in UniGUI the end result is different e.g. In the above example I need to move Item 2 up so it's the very first item under Folder 1. If I try and do it in UniGUI I get the following result: As you can see Item 2 disappears!!! Using exactly the same code in the VLC version I end up with screenshot below which is what I need. I have attached the a demo project used in the above example. UniGUI Version:1.90.0 build 1534 TreeViewDemo.zip
  3. Hi everybody, I'm new in UniGui, i have see in demo Unigui code but i dont understand how to load one frame or form from click event or selected node . pls help me or share sample mini unitreeviewlist open frame or form. thankyou so much.
  4. Is it possible to add a different image to each Line of the UniDBTreeGrid according to my IF ELSE conditionals, just as we do in UniTreeView?
  5. Hi, How to store the ID of a string in UniTreeNod? Thanks for help.
  6. Hi, new day, new question: my porpouse is to use a edit field (TuniEdit) to filter the TuniTreeView, showing only the leap of the tree matching the text content of TuniEdit. I use following code into onKeyDown event of Tuniedit: if (key = vk_return) then for i := 0 to uniTreeView1.items.count - 1 do begin // check is a leap if not uniTreeView1.items[i].HasChildren then begin // check the text contenct if Pos(UpperCase(uniEdit1.text) , UpperCase(uniTreeView1.items[i].text) ) > 0 then begin // show item/node uniTreeView1.items[i].Visible := True; end else // hide item/node uniTreeView1.items[i].Visible := False; end; end; Obviusly the code is correct, but it is server side, so my tree html object is not affected! How can i do that client side? I found an example for extjs where the guy use setDisplayed('none'); method of the node to hide the node, but i don't know how to identify the current node (like nameJS) in my for cycle. If I know the js name/identifyer of a single node, I can use unisession.addjss inside the for cycle to set displayed property. I think is the right way to do that, evenif i hope some one can help me to find the right way. Davide PS: in order to implement the example i have linked before, there is some place in unigui object where define the filterby function, like Ext.define(...) in extJs code ?
  7. Hello everybody, I would like to know how to import and export the TUniTreewView content to TXT file? Thank you. ---------------------------------------- Olá pessoal, eu gostaria de saber como importar e exportar o conteúdo do TUniTreewView para arquivo TXT? Obrigado,.
  8. Hi everybody, at newer version of UniGui 0.99.X.XXXX tunitreeview supports only 16x16 images. Is there a way to overcome this problem? Thanks in advance
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