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Found 8 results

  1. Good afternoon! Is there (is it possible) for a UniFrame to have an analog of the OnMouseMove or OnClick property? I need to execute some code while the mouse cursor is within the entire UniFrame. An important point: it does not matter which component the mouse is specifically located on or activated (UniEdit or UniPanel, etc.). Exactly, as long as it is within the UniFrame.
  2. Good afternoon! I will put my question in a separate topic, because I have almost solved it, but not completely, and I ask you to tell me why such an error occurs. So, the task: to transfer from the dynamically created UniFrame1 to the main HModule program of the DLL package, which needs to be unloaded after closing the dynamically created UniTabSheet (parent for UniFrame1). To date, this is what has been done. In MainForm, I'm creating dynamically UniTabSheet1: ... UniTabSheet1:=TUniTabSheet.Create(UniPageControl1); UniTabSheet1.PageControl:=UniPageControl1; UniTabSheet1.Parent:=UniPageControl1; UniTabSheet1.Name:='UniTabSheet1_Test'; UniTabSheet1.Caption:='blabla'; UniTabSheet1.Visible:=True; UniTabSheet1.Closable:=True; UniTabSheet1.OnClose:=UniTabSheet_Close; ... Also, after, I'm creating dynamically UniFrame1: UniFrame1:=TUniFrame1.Create(self); UniFrame1.Align:=alClient; UniFrame1.Parent:=UniTabSheet1; UniFrame1.Name:='TUniFrame1_Test'; if UniFrame1 <> nil then begin //here, i'm transfer HModule of BPL from MainForm in my UniFrame1: if IsPublishedProp(UniFrame1,'GV_Test') then SetPropValue(UniFrame1,'GV_Test',MyHModuleValue); end; By the way, in MainForm I have it written like this: ... private procedure SetGlobalValue_Test(const Value: HModule); public TransferedBPL,GettingBPL: HMoudle; published property GV_Test: HModule read TransferedBPL write SetGlobalValue_Test; ... //getting HModule from UniFrame1 in MainForm: procedure TMainForm.SetGlobalValue_Test(const Value: HMODULE); begin GettingBPL:=Value; end; //unload BPL by getting HModule: procedure TMainForm.UnloadAfterCloseUniTabSheet; begin SetGlobalValue_Test(GettingBPL); UnloadPackage(GettingBPL); end; //when closing UniTabSheet1: procedure TMainForm.UniTabSheet_Close(Sender: TObject; var AllowClose: Boolean); begin UnloadAfterCloseUniTabSheet; end; In UniFrame 1, I get my HModule like this: ... private procedure SetGlobalValue_Test2(const Value: HModule); public TransferedBPL: HMoudle; published property GV_Test2: HModule read TransferedBPL write SetGlobalValue_Test2; ... procedure TUniFrame1.SetGlobalValue_Test2(const Value: HMODULE); begin GV_Test2:=Value; end; In UniFrame1: procedure TUniFrame1.UniLabel1Click(Sender: TObject); begin if TransferedBPL <> 0 then begin if IsPublishedProp((Parent as TUniTabSheet),'GV_Test2') then SetPropValue((Parent as TUniTabSheet),'GV_Test2',TransferedBPL); end; end; (Parent as TUniTabSheet).Close; end; But, where I'm appling all this code, I'm getting error: Please, help me... I found out for sure that all the code above works up to the point that my HModule is passed from MainForm to UniFrame1, I know for sure that it works. I can't pass this HModule back to MainForm.
  3. Good afternoon! In general, such a task. On Pagecontrol , I dynamically create UniTabSheet1 . On the created UniTabSheet1, my UniFrame1 is dynamically loaded. The essence of the task: according to a certain condition, using UniTimer1, delete both UniFrame1 and UniTabSheet1, and not just delete, but with the destruction of components so that there are no AV errors later. Currently, so far, I'm going this way: In the OnClick event in UniButton, it is written like this: procedure TUniFrame1.Uni Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Free; end; I call the code above via UniTimer1: procedure TUniFrame1.UniTimer1Timer(Sender: TObject); begin if N = 0 then begin UniButton1.OnClick(Sender); end; end; As a result, my UniFrame1 disappears, I understand that it is deleted, but UniTabSheet1 remains. Actually, the question is, how to also completely destroy UniTabSheet1? Or how to register the destruction code in the button event at once UniFrame1?
  4. Hello, I'm creating a screen using UniFrame, in it I put a scrollBox to create a scrollbar due to the size of the screen and inside the scroll I have a unicontainerpanel with my components, this unicontainerpanel needs to be centered on the screen, so with the command below in create from UniFrame I can center, but uniFrame doesn't have the onResize or onScreenResize event as there is in uniForm, so how can I center my unicontainerpanel in a uniFrame when the user changes the screen size? code used in OnCreate unicontainerpanel.Top := 0; unicontainerpanel.Left := Round((Screen.Width / 2) - (unicontainerpanel.Width / 2));
  5. É possivel usar o Uniframe dentro de um projeto mobile? Se sim, alguém tem um exemplo de como chamar um uniframe dentro de um mobile. Pois eu tentei chamar um uniFrame da mesma forma que chamo em Aplicação Web e deu a seguinte mensagem: "OC4.setTitle is not a function" Código usando para Chamar o uniFrame Criei no Private o seguinte: private { Private declarations } FFrameName: string; FCurrentFrame: TUniFrame; procedure InsertFrame(AName, ATitle: string; MeuIDFrame : Integer; IDIcone: Integer); E criei a procedure assim: procedure TfrmLoginM.InsertFrame(AName, ATitle: string; MeuIDFrame : Integer; IDIcone:Integer); var Path: string; begin try if FFrameName = AName then Begin Exit; End else Begin FFrameName := AName; End; Path := UniServerModule.StartPath + 'Versao\'; pgGERAL.TabIndex := MeuIDFrame; FreeAndNil(FCurrentFrame); except on E : Exception do begin sa.Info('ERRO NO ID FRAME...: '+MeuIDFrame.ToString); Abort; end; end; Try if AName <> 'TfrmLogimM' then begin FCurrentFrame := TUniFrameClass(FindClass('T' + AName)).Create(Self); FCurrentFrame.Align := alClient; FCurrentFrame.Parent := tsAbastecimento; tsAbastecimento.Caption := ATitle; tsAbastecimento.ImageIndex := IDIcone; end; except on E : Exception do begin sa.Warning('Atenção de Exceção! 002',E.Message+' - Classe: '+e.ClassName, procedure(const ButtonClicked: TAButton) begin end); Abort; end; end; end; Chamei o uniFrame: InsertFrame('frmTesteM' , 'ABASTECIMENTO', 2,0); Mas está apresentando o erro em destaque acima
  6. Boa tarde a todos... Ao tentar criar um frame no unigui surgiu o seguinte erro... : ERROR creating Form : Ancestor for 'TUniFrame' not Found. Algum dos senhores saberia informar do que se trata??? Desde já agradeço a atenção de todos.. Abraços Ricardo M.Souza
  7. var elFrame: TUniframe; begin elFrame := TUniframe.create(UniApplication); OR elFrame := TUniframe.create(nil); end; Este código me tira el error "Class TUniSimplePanel not found". Cómo se soluciona? Uso versión pagada ext- ext- , uni-
  8. Good Morning! I have a problem and I'm unable to solve. C'mon: When I work with normal uniforms, it is very easy to change the caption of a label of a form from another. Example: TuniForm2.btOkClick procedure (Sender: TObject); begin uniForm1.uniLabel1.caption: = uniForm2.uniLabel2.Caption; end; What I'm unaable to do: TuniForm2.btOkClick procedure (Sender: TObject); begin uniFrame1.uniLabe1.caption: = uniForm2.uniLabel2.Caption; end; This code does not error. (In debug) The text is sent to the label, but for some reason does not reach the destination: TuniForm2.btOkClick procedure (Sender: TObject); begin FCurrentFrame := TUniFrameClass(FindClass('TuniFrame1')).Create(self); TuniFrame1(FCurrentFrame).uniLabel1.caption := 'hello world'); TuniFrame1(FCurrentFrame).uniLabel2.caption := 'by'; FCurrentFrame.Destroy; end; I tried to follow some examples of demos, but unfortunately could not. Can anyone help me do this? Grateful. (Translated by Google) ***************************************************************** Bom dia! Estou com um problema e eu não estou conseguindo resolver. Vamos lá: Quando eu trabalho com uniForms normais, é muito fácil alterar o caption de um label de um form através de outro. Exemplo: TuniForm2.btOkClick procedure (Sender: TObject); begin uniForm1.uniLabel1.caption: = uniForm2.uniLabel2.Caption; end; O que eu não estou conseguindo fazer: TuniForm2.btOkClick procedure (Sender: TObject); begin uniFrame1.uniLabe1.caption: = uniForm2.uniLabel2.Caption; end; Esse código, não dá erro. (No debug) O texto é enviado ao Label, mas por algum motivo não chega ao destino: TuniForm2.btOkClick procedure (Sender: TObject); begin FCurrentFrame := TUniFrameClass(FindClass('TuniFrame1')).Create(self); TuniFrame1(FCurrentFrame).uniLabel1.caption := 'hello world'); TuniFrame1(FCurrentFrame).uniLabel2.caption := 'by'; FCurrentFrame.Destroy; end; Tentei seguir uns exemplos dos demos, mas infelizmente não consegui. Alguém pode me ajudar a fazer isso? Grato.
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