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Found 4 results

  1. The Falcon Store has a new face, and with many new features, check it out now! [01] - FSiGrowl (Web e Mobile) - (Componente de Dialog) [02] - FSKendoUI (Web e Mobile) - (Componente de gráficos utilizando a API do KendoUI) [03] - FSMask (Web) - (Edit com alteração de mascara em tempo de execução) [04] - FSButton (Web) - (Componente de Botão personalizável) [05] - FSMap (Web e Mobile) - (Google Maps) [06] - FSColorPicker (Web) - (Componente de seletor de cores) [07] - FSEdit (Web) - (Edit com suporte a força de senhas) [08] - FSToggle (Web e Mobile) - (Componente de Toggle personalizável) [09] - FSMenuButton (Web) - (Componente de botão com menu) [10] - FSComboBox (Web) - (ComboBox com suporte a ValueID) [11] - FSCalcEdit (Web) - (Componente de Calculadora) [12] - FSGoogleChart (Web e Mobile) - (Componente de gráficos utilizando a API Google Charts) [13] - FSTheme (Web) - (Componente de temas para o uniGui) [14] - FSToast (Web e Mobile) - (Componente de Dialog) [15] - FSConfirm (Web e Mobile) - (Componente de Dialog) [16] - FSPopup (Web) - (Componente de Popup) [17] - FSQrCode (Web e Mobile) - (Gerador de QrCode) [18] - FSKeys (Web e Mobile) - (Secret Keys para os componentes da Google) [19] - FSMultiUpload (Web) - (Componente de Upload e MultiUpload) [20] - FSSignature (Web e Mobile) NEW - (Componente de Assinatura - Signature Pad) [21] - FSPix (Web e Mobile) NEW - (Gerador de QrCode PIX em Delphi) [22] - FSHighCharts (Web e Mobile) NEW - (Componente de gráficos utilizando a API do HighCharts) [23] - FSCamera (Web) NEW - (Componente de acesso a câmera (webcam) compátivel com o Google Chrome) All developed in uniGui and for uniGui https://store.falconsistemas.com.br For support send e-mail to suporte@falconsistemas.com.br
  2. uniGUI DOES Digital Signature 2 (Desktop & Mobile) New version of our example digital signature with RESET button to reset coordinates in case of screen repositioning or factor change (expansion, decrease etc.). This version was is already suitable for Desktop (I'm not sure what anyone want it for, but anyways...) and for mobile. I left the RESET method separately (button) to decide whether to apply to any event or leave it as it is. Improved code and removal of some unnecessary things. JS library updated to the latest version. See the JS code if you want to change the type of writing or color displayed. Enjoy... PS: Please, download problems, DO report it to the uniGUI Staff. I don't have controls over files posted here and I'm, not going to provide alternative links to non-subscribers (or any one) since is here already and working. PS 2: Tested with Chrome and Firefox latest version in Desktop and Mobile. Should not work in IE or Safari (neither bother to test on it). www.unigui.com.br-uniGUI DOES Digital Signature2.rar
  3. Example of digital signature saving (image) for mobile. Great for sales systems where it works as a type of receipt document for goods delivery etc ... www.unigui.com.br-uniGUI DOES Digital Signature.rar
  4. good morning I require capture , the user's signature , using a cell phone running an application unigui Could you tell me how can you do ? Thank you Thanks , Ronny specify unigui I require for phone / tablets Ronny Encarnacion See if this demo can give you an idea of capturing the signature http : //prime.fmsoft....demo/canvas.dll
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