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Found 4 results

  1. Currently I'm using Unigui I've been trying to find a solution to drag and drop TUniPanels in order to make a Dinamic layout for placing DashBoards. Normally all you had to do is to code around the mouse events to capture mouse position and then alter the Left and Top property of the object you're draggin. The problem is that neither my form nor my Objects have the "OnMouseMove" event, without this event I cannot implement the code to capture mouse position in real time while draggin the object. If anyone know a solution to this problem I would apreciate it.
  2. I know drag&drop using two UniDBGrids are discussed and there are even demo about it but how about dragging and dropping inside one grid? I have data in which rows are ordered by indexed row number and I'd like to add feature where user can drag rows to different positions and when user does that, row numbers are updated in the background accordingly. What is the easiest and more importantly, correct way to achieve this?
  3. Hello, I am using OnDropRowsEvent for moving rows inside the same Grid. It works nice and smooth. What issue I have got is if you assigned true to DragDrop.Enabled at design time it will always allow you to drag drop, despite I created a button with OnClick where there is a code: uniDBGrid1.DragDrop.Enabled := not uniDBGrid1.DragDrop.Enabled; Changing uniDBGrid1.DragDrop.Enabled at runtime doesn't make any difference. If it was False at design time or OnCreateForm it will always disallow to drag&drop and if True - always allows. Could you please advise how to work it around? Is there some trick to work around? Thank you in advance
  4. Good evening, has anyone of you ever tried to implement https://examples.sencha.com/extjs/7.2.0/examples/classic/dd/cell-to-cell-dd.html this already to a DB-Grid? Best regards and help appricated! Thanks so much! Gerhard
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