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  1. hi tnx for you bro ... TestUniDBGridEditorDatePicker(1).rar
  2. In dbgrid, I display the solar calendar with a datetimepicker based on the tutorial at this link(1). But after selecting the date, the date is displayed in dbgrid as a Gregorian date. The codes of this link(2) are also not executed. What should I do to display the solar date in dbgrid cell? (1) : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/1202-jalali-calendar/&do=findComment&comment=72928 (2) : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/6709-jalali-farsi-db-date-picker-calendar/&do=findComment&comment=34122 TestUniDBGridEditorDatePicker.rar
  3. how change that with js? for unicheckbox i will be soon make a simple testcase
  4. how change Dynamic property with unicheckbox? procedure TUniEnterExitKala.UniCheckBox1Change(Sender: TObject); begin UniDBLookupComboBox2.AnyMatch := NOT UniCheckBox1.Checked; end; @Sherzod
  5. Excel / File / Options / Trust Center / Trust Center Setting / File Block Setting /
  6. FUNCTION TUniCheckListNezaratMaster2.SaveToXls : boolean; var SMExport: TSMExportToXLS; BEGIN result := false; SMExport := TSMExportToXLS.Create(nil); TRY SMExport.AnimatedStatus := false; SMExport.Options := SMExport.Options-[soShowMessage]; SMExport.DataSet := UQBazres; //genquery1 is a fdquery i use firedac SMExport.ColumnSource := csDataSet; SMExport.AddTitle := True; SMExport.FileName := 'filenameeee'; //fFileName; SMExport.KeyGenerator := 'My Company Name'; //GenTitleLabel; //this function set displaylabel for each column SMExport.Execute; result := (SMExport.ExportResult = erCompleted); FINALLY SMExport.Free; END; END;
  7. sorry Is it possible to check my source and make the necessary changes? please ... sorry about that
  8. not work... please check the simple source code and fix that in the same source code ... thanks http://s13.picofile.com/file/8397699700/WorknotCorrectly1.rar.html @Sherzod
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