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  1. Hi, This is ECheckGroupBox simple demo based on UniCheckBox. For more details see Demo. Have fun. Best regards CheckGroupBoxDemo.zip
  2. put UniEdit on MainForm. put UniLabel on MainForm. in MainForm.unipanel.clientEventOnMouseMove function Onmousemove(sender, x, y, { MainForm.UniEdit.setValue(x); //set value to UniEdit MainForm.UniLabel.setText(y); //set value to UniLabel }
  3. There are two components(UniHTMLFrame,UniImage) in my application. The code in UniHTMLFrame.Html: <body> <img id="img" width="400" height="300" scr="images/test.jpg" /> </body> How can I get the picture of Html<img> and show on UniImage? Regards
  4. The sample(MuploadSample_en.zip) doesn't work in ie9.
  5. In delphi /**/ is a data string, all the javascript syntax,css syntax,any symbol are normal display on unigui components.
  6. Dear all, I have a question about the string /* abcd */ to show. For example: UniLabel1.Caption:='/* abcd */'; UniEdit1.Text:='/* abcd */'; The string /*abcd*/ disable to show in webmode. Why ? Is it a bug?
  7. I have in production on Windows 2008 server with IIS 7 and Windows 2003 server with IIS6 , an Isapi(macc.dll) app running ok. A printer file appears: there is no default printer currently selected. But run macc.exe on Server,printer file is ok. ISAPI can not find the printer, but the installed printer on SERVER How to solve.
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