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  1. BY the way. Everytime you change the parameter do not forget to recycle the IIS app pool or restart your service (in case you use Hyperserver as a windows service).
  2. We have an IIS Cluster on cloud with 4 servers plus 2 database servers. Running Hyperserver . (I cannot wait to see the Hyperserver Farm running).
  3. Plus, with the right setup you can have (as we actually have) 15000 users on a system.
  4. YEs. You CANNOT update your screen components from the receive message events because it's a server side event . You need a client side event to update your screen. You will have to have a TUniTimer (1 second is enouth) and on the received message you put the text on a variable and set a trigger like a boolen variable messageReceived = true and on the timer event you check this variable and change your screen. Like this: procedure TMainForm.sgcWebSocketClient1Message(Connection: TsgcWSConnection; const Text: string); begin txtVar := text; messageReceived := true;
  5. Ow I just sow the date. But the fact is that even today version 1535, if you select the option to multiselect and select just one row, it still flicks like crazy. But the worse thing is that we have no event telling that the user is scrowing down on the grid and as the grid refreshes it will return to the currently selected row. So if you have 1000 lines, select the second and scrow down to the 500th line to find something and the query assiciated with the grid refreshes, you will return all the way up to the selected row.
  6. If multiselect is true you are doomed just as I am. With multiselect = false and no loading mask it will not flick at all.
  7. Yes, that's the same problem I have. EVen if you do not update the system, even on active nodes the sessions remains locked. I am writing some code to take care of this on the serverModule. If works I can share it here.
  8. Why is your server's nodes discarded ? Are you updating the application frequently ? How is the option 'soTerminateOnSession' on your serverModule? It is true or false ?
  9. We cannot disable the timers because the system is in production on several big customers (currently over 15000 users) and we have to have timers to update our screens because the entire system is event driven (threads and socket messages) and we cannot update the screen directly from the event functions themselves. Unigui does not allowm it. The fact is, on previous versions we do not had this problem so my guess is that it's a problem introduced with the 7.0.0 version of the Sencha . Maybe (probably) I'm wrong but it's a feeling.
  10. Great news. THanks Any idea when ? This is a serious problem
  11. That's different as well. Mines are not discarded. They are alive (active), the users are gone but the sessions keep stuck in there (No meu caso é diferente, os nodes estão ativos, os usuarios ja se desconectaram mas as sessoes ficam lá presas)
  12. Nope. Thats not the case. My sessions are really getting stuck over time even without ANY updates whatsoever. Maybe his case can be different but on my case, we have a serious problem yet.
  13. I do that with several google apis BUT, not thru Unigui. Using C++ builder/Delphi TNetHTTP component. It works.
  14. I can do that but, just so you know, I have over 50 customers on 5 different environments (all using IIS and Hyperserver 1535) and it happens on ALL of them.
  15. Farshad. I really need some help here. It's becoming a huge problem. Another information I need is how the new sessions are allocated on the nodes. It's suppose to be load balanced right ? Because if so, thats another issue. Yesterday I had 10 nodes, a single node had 50 sessions (my limit per node) and the other nine had 2-3 sessions each and the system was preventing new sessions altogether!!! Can you tell me why ? Please help !
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