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  1. sorry, I no used this component, but how I set URL parameter ? I have a string with base64, how a I pass this ?
  2. Hi, I need to show pdf (report) generate from another app, this app generate base64 application/pdf Is there any way to show inside htmlframe ? thanks
  3. I already tried the refresh method and it didn't work either
  4. UniTreeMenu1.Items.Clear () does not work. after this command the menu still shows the items on the screen I need this feature because the menu is dynamic and is loaded according to database.
  5. when I run TUniFileUpload's Execute method, it opens me to a screen of TUniFileUpload itself which is a non visual component, so I can't know how to handle his css. all of components IDs is auto generated and if i change some css with classname can update css of other buttons because the name of classes are the same.. Would anyone have any suggestions?
  6. DEV_THS


    Perfect Sherzod, helped me too! so I do not compromise the performance of my application! Thank you very much!
  7. DEV_THS


    Yes, my problem is that I do not create the columns, they are created dynamically when I open the dataset, In this case, I'll need to create them to set this property of my column when I open the dataset, or at some point I'll have to run through the columns to make the command. UniDBGrid1.JSInterface.JSAssign ('hideable', [False], UniDBGrid1.Columns [1] .JSColumn); but I'm going to try to do the best I can here to stay cool ... Thanks a lot for the help.
  8. DEV_THS


    I want to hide completely from the menu, I do not want to make this available to my user ...
  9. DEV_THS


    Thank you very much Sherzod, I will adptar the code to always go through all my columns. in my case I do not want any of my columns to have this option. Thank you.
  10. Sherzod, how are you? Could you help me on this?
  11. DEV_THS


    Hello, I would like to know how to set the ColumnHideable property at run time: = False uniDbGrid1.Columns [index] .Menu.ColumnHideable: = False; Thank you!
  12. okay ... let me try to explain it directly ... sometimes it gets a little easier, my problem is a little confusing indeed! lol but the following is happening. I have a component that inherits from a TuniDateTimePicker and within this component I have a Subcomponent of type TUniEdit. when I create my TuniDateTimePicker, I also create my TUniEdit I hedge an event on his OnChange. everything works fine, but when I upload the application and make a change in my TUniEdit the OnChange event that I created in the create is not triggered. and I need him to go through this ev
  13. Sherzod, I'm sorry, but did you come to understand my problem?
  14. I got to have a similar case, where I managed to solve this way, it was a button that was also a subcomponent and when it was clicked the click event was not triggered. procedure TPLUniEdit.LoadCompleted; begin inherited; TUniForm(Self.OwnerForm).UniSession.AddJS('document.getElementById("'+ self.Button.JSControl.Id +'").addEventListener("click", function() {ajaxRequest(' + Format('%s.%s', [self.OwnerForm.Name, self.Name]) + ', ''Search'', { name: ''teste'', width: ''01''} );});'); end; procedure TPLUniEdit.JSEventHandler(AEventName: string; AParams: TUn
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