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  1. Someone has played with SAML 2.0 single sign-on with uniGUI ? If yes, is there any example to follow ? Thanks.
  2. isosrl

    CoInitialize has not been called

    Thank's !
  3. isosrl

    CoInitialize has not been called

    Hi again, I cannot get to run as WindowsService, I tried different use of CoInitialize/Ex with no success... I came back to normal Windows standalone program, not a big issue. Thanks for the support.
  4. isosrl

    CoInitialize has not been called

    Ciao, I will check CoInitializeEx and etc. Thanks.
  5. isosrl

    CoInitialize has not been called

    Hi Farshad, ADO components, Indy IMAP, UniThreadTimer reside in ServerModule since I need to pool IMAP server and when I found new emails they are copied into SQL database for later use. Main form is used only for SQL database and IMAP configuration, protected by the Login form. Attached you can find the project. It is not necessary to configure SQL and IMAP access, since if they are empty the project runs but does nothing. Eventually password for login form is admin. The project will pool the folder INBOX/RichiesteArticoli of the imap user. GetMailRichiesteArticoli.zip
  6. isosrl

    CoInitialize has not been called

    Hi, I have a project (unigui with ADO components and Indy IMAP component that when compiled as Windows StandAlone works correctly; when I compile it as Windows Service and start the service it stops; in log a read the error "CoInitialize has not been called". I have set ServerModule->AutoCoInitializa to True. I run the service on my pc but the sql server is on another pc, so I try to change in Windows Service the account from "Local Service" to "Network Service", still the problem. Any ideas ? Thanks, Francesco
  7. isosrl

    Refresh TUniDbGrid programmatically

    I found the problem ! I have changed TUniThreadTimer with TUniTimer and now works as it should. Thanks for you support !
  8. isosrl

    Refresh TUniDbGrid programmatically

    My project get data from SQLServer...even if I post the project, you should have SQLServer installaed and database... Or do you wish to see source code ?
  9. Hi, I need to refresh data of a TUniDBGrid each X minutes, so I use a TUniThreadTimer and in the OnTimer event I close and Open the query but the new data are not refreshed in the grid. I did also a TUniDBGrid.Refresh and/or MainForm.Refresh with no success... But if I put a button and click on it the grid is refreshed... What I miss ? Thanks, Francesco