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  1. Could you help me how should I do the upgrade using the last version of UniGUI, please ?
  2. Hi Farshad ! The log file is not created and it only shows the message "O servidor não está disponível no momento" (translating=The server is currently unavailable). I use Delphi XE4 + MySQL and fmsoft_unigui_extjs_0.94.0.1020_setup with Report Builder 18. I'm thinking of rewriting the reports with Fast Report, what do you think about ? Thanks a lot. Fernando.
  3. Good afternoon John! All right? Could you give me any tips? This attached report gives no error in host, but when I run the server, it simply the message "The server is not available.". Fails to ask or subsidiaries or enter dates to run the report. Other reports are giving the same problem, but the other registration screens and queries are running smoothly on the local host and server. Shows no error or anything that would indicate a failure and I am more than 30 days trying everything. I've changed the parameters for SesseionTimeOut 6000000 and AjaxTimeout 600000, or put another
  4. I am trying to change the colors and I did not get it yet...!
  5. in a server of military police SQLconnection Intranet of military police ISAPI MySQL x Linux x IIS7 x Delphi X4 + UniGUI fmsoft_unigui_beta_0.94.0.1020_setup
  6. OK...I am going to check all configurations again step by step. Could It be a problem with firewall or a closed port ? It is my last question, OK?
  7. Could I send you the DLL file and scripts of MySQL to you test in your server ?
  8. in the first case (IIS7 + MySQL / Linux) I had a connection and I had erros with the name where Linux did not find RDAgeral and a change all table names to lowercase like rdageral. After I had this last error. In the second case (IIS8 + MySQL/Windows) it always showed the last error.
  9. I did it in localhost, it´s OK, but when I do with DLL I have this error message.
  10. OK...could you show me how I must do it ? I am not a specialist in MySQL. I can show the data in lines commands in MySQL, PHPAdmin and Navicat. Others DBA of MySQL did all tests about it and I did not see problems.
  11. As I told we used step by step these links and when the DLL runs it shows this erros message and I think It did not connect with MySQL+Linux or MySQL Windows.
  12. Yes, we used the instructions found in links: http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/index.html?apache_2_2.htm http://delphi.cz/img/vykriky20/unigui_guide_eng.pdf http://chee-yang.blogspot.com.br/2009/10/configure-windows-7-iis7-for-isapi-dll.html
  13. I am reading https://community.dynamics.com/ax/b/faisalfareedaxlibrary/archive/2014/05/17/access-denied-while-copying-dll-into-windows-server-2012.aspx Could It be something permission in Windows? Or with IUSR user ?
  14. It did not connect because I tried to save a text files so show me the erro points and they are not created in the DataModule file where I try to connect to MySQL. The error messsage "File acess denied" shows before to do this... procedure TdmRDA.DataModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); var sParam: String; begin AssignFile(F1, 'Lixo00.Tmp'); ReWrite(F1); WriteLn(F1, 'OK'); CloseFile(F1); if SQLConnection.Connected=False then SQLConnection.Connected := True; AssignFile(F1, 'Lixo01.Tmp'); ReWrite(F1); WriteLn(F1, 'OK'); CloseFile(F1); if sdsRDAopms.Active=False then sdsRDAopms.Acti
  15. PMembers, We logged like administrator of CPU and run the DLL, but it can not connect with MySQL and show this error message only. I am going to receive the log file to send you. Please wait they send me this file.
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