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  1. Alf

    Possible DBGrid widget bug

    Is a big program you know. But I can show you by team.
  2. Alf

    Possible DBGrid widget bug

    Hi, I have a frame with a DBGrid and a couple of widgets. One of them opens another frame and after I close the new frame the widgets dissapear and wuth them the columns values. The whole colmn change to blank. By the way I would like to change the color to red to the Progress widget if the value is less than 1. When can I find the property for that? Thanks in advance,
  3. Alf

    Attributes for group header

    Hi, in a uniDBGrid I would like to change color, font size and so on and I cannot get to the property. Of course I found how to do that in the summary checking out the examples. Thanks in advance,
  4. Alf

    Rows with different color

  5. Alf

    ExtJS Licence for ExtJS.NET

    Hi Farshad, I don't want to use Sencha. I don't like JavaScript What I'm asking for is a way to modify themes for example and to visually create or modify CSS. That's the only reason I'm asking for Sencha Themes or Sencha Architec. I came over Ext JS.NET at the same time I found uniGUI and they say that they have an OEM license and they provide those tools. That's why I'm asking.
  6. Alf

    ExtJS Licence for ExtJS.NET

    I know I cann't use it directly but for sure you can use it to better design the interface get the ccs and copy it to uniGUI. For example I had a tough time designing an application because uniGUI form designer is not that good and if you use uniAlignmentClient it is not WYSIWYG at all. In that situation is where Architect will be very helpful. Themes is the other problem, I think uniGUI themes are very simple and lack many control configurations like uniDBGRID for example. I would like to be able to design my own themes or modify the ones that comes with uniGUI.
  7. Hi, looking around I found this kind of license in used with ExtJS.NET. It says that you can use ExtJS to develop even in JavaScript. For me it is not that important because I don't like JS or CSS but I think it should be usefull to have access to ExtJS Architect to make the design using the IDE and copy/paste the CSS. Beside to use the theme editor, create the themes in Sencha and move them to uniGUI. Maybe we have the same OEM license and we don't just use that. See me image attached.
  8. Alf

    TuniDBGrid Title Height

    Yes sure. Are you available now?
  9. Alf

    TuniDBGrid Title Height

    Hi I just copy and paste that Grid in another Frame and again the same problem. It is still working fine in the first Frame. It should be great if you guys create properties for all those CSS and we avoid all these problems.
  10. Alf

    Rows with different color

    Hi, How can I put a different color on a rows depending on some Column value? They will be many possible colors. Thanks in advance,
  11. Alf

    uniImage Transparent property

    I change the image and make the background white and This is what I got, something like the rest of the space occupied by the control or the background of the control is blue.
  12. Hi, I have the same image in a webpage and the background look transparent. Now I'm using it with an uniImage and Transparent property set to true and it look with a blue background. How can I make it look transparent? Thanks in advance,
  13. Alf

    AutoEdit in UniDBGrid

    Now works better but anyway after a post to the database the focus to the column is lost. What is the meaning of needtoClear? Where can I find info about those properties? What you wanted to do with the first method was to make the text selected when you start editing? I sent you the contact by PM if u want to do the team session. Thanks in advance,
  14. Alf

    TuniDBGrid Title Height

    Anytime you want. Thanks in advance,
  15. Alf

    AutoEdit in UniDBGrid

    Hi Sherzod, can you please explain a little bit the code? My comments: - If you are positioned on a cell and type anything it will go to edit mode. This is what is needed of course but after you do that anytime you double click on a cell to edit it, the content is erased from the cell. In case you click in another cell you will get the exception in the image and it shows like the cell is not empty but at data level it is false. What is the function of needToClear ??? Maybe this is the reason for this behavoir Wen you use the arrows keys to move in a row of the same column the columns lost the focus after an edition. It should be great if in a middle of an edition you could use the arrows instead of clicking. Now you can't. How can I just press a button and put the cell in edit mode? Of course the active record? Thanks...