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  1. Jose Maria Corral

    I can't Install the last build of .95

    try this with your delphi version number add to library path .\RAD Studio\10.0\lib\win32\release\ .\RAD Studio\10.0\lib\win64\release\
  2. Jose Maria Corral

    Installation 1024 version

    ok, thanks.
  3. Jose Maria Corral

    Installation 1024 version

    Hello, i have the follow error installing in delphi 2007 [DCC Error] uniGUI11dcl.dpk(69): F2051 Unit uniGUIProjectCreator was compiled with a different version of ToolsAPI.sCppManagedDll what can I do? Thanks
  4. Jose Maria Corral

    how does YOUR UserInterface look like ?

    really really good Erich.
  5. Jose Maria Corral


    Hello, are there any manual for the components and how use it?. thanks