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  1. aln02

    Questions & Answers

    Hi. We need to renew subscription before it expires or there is some time until the possibility of renewal? Thanks.
  2. aln02

    Order Failed

    thank you. FastSpring support answered my request and now the problem is solved. payment completed
  3. aln02

    Order Failed

    Hi. I'm trying to pay the Renew/Upgrade, but failed. FastSpring gives an error message: <We regret that your payment or order could not be accepted. There are many reasons why this might occur. We value your business and would like to help you complete this order. Please contact us for assistance.> thanks
  4. aln02

    path to ExtJS from another UniGuiServer

    I mean, what I need specify ExtRoot and UniRoot via url to another server. Thx.
  5. Is it possible somehow to specify the path to ExtJS from another UniGuiServer? That is, for example, operates two UniGuiServers, but ExtJS is only one. (the same for UNI). UniServerModule.ExtRoot and UniRoot does not work for this. Thx.
  6. aln02

    Update button uniDBGrid

    Hi. Try: 1. UniDBGrid1 -> .... function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { sender.pagingBar.getComponent("refresh").handler = function () { ajaxRequest(MainForm.window, 'Grid1Refresh', []); } } 2. MainForm.UniFormAjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TStrings); begin if EventName='Grid1Refresh' then UniMainModule.ClientDataSet1.Refresh; end;
  7. aln02

    Manipulate the position of UniScrollBox

    Hi. Perhaps it will help you: UniSession.AddJS(UniScrollBox.JSName+'.getTargetEl().scrollTo("top");'); - for Desktop and UniSession.AddJS(UnimScrollBox.JSName+'.getScrollable().getScroller().scrollTo(0, 0);'); - for Mobile
  8. aln02

    UniDBGrid Column autowith

    Maybe will useful wordwrap for demanded columns
  9. aln02

    UniDBGrid Column autowith

    Hi. You can make so: function OnReconfigure(sender, store, colModel) { sender.headerCt.forceFit=true; } or, for specified columns: function OnReconfigure(sender, store, colModel) { if (!sender.columnManager) { sender.columns[0].flex=1; } else { sender.columnManager.columns[0].flex=1; } } in unidbgrid.ClientEvents.ExtEvents
  10. aln02

    Open new Tab in Browser ...

    Hi. Maybe it will help http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/1890-button-idcss/&do=findComment&comment=8202
  11. Hi. Why you made UniDBGrid1.Refresh before set datsource and open dataset? Since dataset opened after it been closed, UniDBGrid1.Refresh is not necessary. Try UniDBGrid1.Refresh after open dataset or remove it;
  12. aln02

    TUniPanel - Collapsible Problem ...

    Try add uniGUIApplication to uses clause of UniFrame and use setTimeout For example: UniSession.AddJS('setTimeout(function(){'+pnl_dop.JSName+'.collapse()}, 10);');
  13. aln02

    dbGrid forceFit

    also for certain columns you can make, for example: function OnReconfigure(sender, store, colModel) {var col; if (!sender.columnManager) { col=sender.columns; } else { col=sender.columnManager.columns; } col[0].flex=1; col[2].flex=1; col[5].flex=1; }
  14. aln02

    Question UniDbGrid

    if I correctly understood, it for you: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2887-tdbgrid-scroll-bug-after-post/
  15. aln02

    How to create URL link TUniLable

    UniLabel.TextConversion must by set to txtHTML