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    Hi You also have to disable the OPTIONS property: - soShowMessage - soWaitCursor AnimatedStatus = False
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    UniDBGrid1.layoutconfig.Width := '100%'; UniDBGrid1.JSInterface.JSAssign('width', ['100%']); UniPanel1.JSInterface.JSCall('updateLayout', []);
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    I made some small modified change SweetAlert Ver. 8.8.5 Added "FooterText" property Added "PostionType" property Added ErrorHTML procedure Added ErrorTXT procedure Added Question_html procedure. VCL package separated and animation property editor added. Clean unused packages from dpk. (bpl size be decrease) Register procedures moved to VCL package Added animate.min.css 3.6.0 (3.7.0 has not tested maybe can be problem.) http://daneden.me/animate github: https://github.com/daneden/animate.css Test project modified for new properties I did in Tokyo and unigui Ver. 1480 (sencha 6.5.3) If you wanna use this code, its your own risk uniExtensions.7z
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    CSS class names should not begin with a number...
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    Hi Andy, Everything is included in unigui license. No additional action is required. Best regards,
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    One possible solution: 1. CustomCSS: .textCard { text-align: center; font-family: 'Bowlby One SC', cursive; //font-size: 3.5vw !important; } 2. UniLabel1 -> FontSize = 34 3. p1 -> OnResize event: procedure TMainForm.p1Resize(Sender: TUniControl; OldWidth, OldHeight: Integer); begin UniLabel1.Font.Size := Round(p1.Width * 0.08) end;
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    I think there are many solutions for this, I will try to analyze
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    Hi, Can you please explain what you wanted?
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    Merhaba, mainform a bir timer koy ve bunun ontimer eventinde ekrana zamanı yazdır. ozaman timeout vermiyor. En azından yanılmıyorsam Farşad timer session timeout u etkiliyor demişti diye hatırlıyorum. Benim uygulamada yukarıda yazdığım gibi timer ile zamanı bastırıyorum, timeoout almadım ama verecek mi diyede hiç denemedim :)
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    Есть такое, встречается Решил созданием своей функции applyEmptyText
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    here is an update in case anyone faced a similar issue after I reinstalled another windows server 2016 VM I had the same issue with the new installation only for my application was not working but the demo was working fine, I tracked the issue by making a new project and finally, I found out that the UnimainModule was the reason for this issue I compared all settings in both modules but I found nothing different in the settings finally, I copied all code and components from the original uniMainModule to the new one and then replaced the files in the original project and now is working fine. regards
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    1) Works only in standalone, service mode 2) Tested over ARR proxy (IIS), Nginx 3) Use same port that UniServerModule 4) Enjoy WSEcho.zip P.S. Dont use with HyperServer(HyperService)
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    Quem quiser zebrar UniDBGrid use esse código no onDrawColumnCell do if Odd((Sender as TUniDBGrid).DataSource.DataSet.RecNo) then Attribs.Color:= clWhite else Attribs.Color:= $00F1F2F3; // leve cinza
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    Too many calculation... You can use layouts for that. What do you want to do? Image if it possible.
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    Hi! With this app you can run a cmd or console app in an interactive way. Just like sitting in front of a "cmd" on a PC. This project is similiar to "PHP Shell" (http://www.tecmint.com/linux-shell-access-on-browser-using-php-shell/), but "WebCmd" is interactive and uses UniGui instead of PHP. It is also helpfull, if you use console apps on the server to perform something (creating PDF's, converting Files, ...). If such a process runs very long, the user get results (output) at every time with WebCmd; if you use a standard "CreateProcess()" instead the result is only available after process has finished. If you want to use interactive input (optional) you must enter the command / input into the edit field below and then press enter (no "inline" edit/ input possible). Use "exit" command to close a cmd, just like in a normal cmd. Regards Oliver WebCmd.zip