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    wprins, Could you please share an example?
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    That's it! thank you guys!
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    I'd like to point out for the benefit of the original poster that the demo does *not* protect the credentials. This is a major security concern for a production system, as anything else in the browser can read the credentials out of the cookies on the user's machine. For a production grade solution you must therefore not store the credentials themselves, but rather a login token. Or if you must store the credentials themselves, then they must be encrypted on the server using strong encryption (say AES256). If you use a token, then it should be validated upon use, to prevent eg. token theft and/or impersonation by a malicious third party. So for example a token should ideally include some way to validate the IP address making use of the token. (In our system I ended up employing AES256 encryption to protect the credentials in the browser, to allow seamless processing and auto-login from a specific URL straight to a specific screen/form/page without demanding the user to login - if the credentials are absent then of course you are asked to login as normal. Edit: To add, we used SynCrypto.pas, part of mORMot framework, for the AES encryption. )
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    Sorry for the false lead. It was in some other portion of my code. When you stop trying to follow a false assumption, often the real cause becomes obvious. Thank you to the other forum members who replied, leading me away from my false cause.
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    \FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\LoginForm Cookies
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    Hi, Please see our demo
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    Hello folks.. in the good old times of Delphi (Delphi3) where was a component called "DBCtrlgrid" Short description: it was like a Panel, where you can place DBImages, DBText, DBRadiobuttons, DBChceclboxes and so on .. you had to define just one panel ... and it was duplicated for every record in a tabel .. IT WAS WONDERFULL :-) is where a similar component out where? thanX Erich
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    Arkadaşlar SORUNU ÇÖZDÜM MainModulde Properties Kısmında CreateOnDemand Bölümünü : False Yaptım Sorun Gitti. Sanırım Yanlışla Mouse ile Tıkladım Oraya True Oldu.. Böylelikle ... anlamış olduk di. Bu Bölümü False Bıratığımızda Sistem Kendisi Otomatik Olarak Wolkerlara Tekrar Teker Module Oluşturuyor. İyi Çalışmalar Dilerim.
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    Просто сделай эдит с доп. кнопкой на которую повесь вызов модальной формы в которой уже нарисуй что тебе надо.
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    Merhaba UniServerModule -> CustomCSS: .x-grid-cell { vertical-align: middle; }