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Upload file using unigui embedded into Firemonkey


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I am running through some tests on the best way to deploy my mobile app using android/ios.


Currently I have a clean Firemonkey project - which contains only a Browser. The only code is on the oncreate event handler, which loads the URL of the mobile demo 'allfeatures' unihui app. I have succesfully deployed this andorid app to a device and it loads up as you would expect.


The issue that I have come across is when I navigate to the 'upload file' demo -and try to browse for a file, nothing happens - the modal upload form loads, I then click 'browse' expecting something to load to prompt me where to load the file from, but nothing.


Now I have checked the firemonkey app and it has ALL permissions set to on.


This all works fine on the device when using it through the browser.


Any ideas?



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