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EurekaLog - MemoryLeak - Unigui


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Good afternoon to everyone in the community,

I'm writing from Brazil.

My Unigui version is "uni-".

I need to scan my system, I need to find all the places where there is a memory leak.

To do this, I thought about using EurekaLog.

I ran the test using the UNIGUI demo, located at: ..uniGUI \ Utils \ EurekaLog \ Demos \ Standalone \ test.dproj

To configure EurekaLog, I used the recommended settings at: "..uniGUI \ Utils \ EurekaLog \ uniGUI.eof"

My doubt is:


- Is EurekaLog able to find 'MemoryLeak' in an application made in UNIGUI?

So far the conclusion I got was: EurekaLog is able to write 'Acess Violation' log, but not 'MemoryLeak'.


Has anyone used EurekaLog + UNIGUI to detect "MemoryLeak"?


I got in touch with EurekaLog support, and got the following response:


"Is EurekaLog capable of capturing 'MemoryLeak' in systems made in Framework Unigui?


Isn't that a Web Services framework like IntraWeb? In such an application it is difficult to measure leaks. This is because web service applications are never shut down. This makes it difficult to tell if a memory allocation is legitimate or if it is an unfreed leak.


In a normal EXE we store information about each heap allocation in a database located in RAM. As blocks of heap memory are freed, they are removed from the database. At shutdown we simply make a list of each un-freed memory allocations and the stack trace that produced each one.


You will not see a leaks report if there were no actual leaks or the leaks were known ones in the RTL or other places."


I thank the attention.


att Lucas

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I don't know about EurekaLog, but I use FastMM4



unzip and add to tools->options



in project:

  FastMM4 in 'Helper\FastMM4.pas',
  {$ENDIF }
somewhere early in your program. I put it in UniLoginFormCreate:
  System.ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown := True;
When you shut down it pops up a report if there is a leak.
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Eu não sei sobre EurekaLog, mas eu uso FastMM4



Descompacte e adicione ferramentas-> opções



em projeto:

  FastMM4 em 'Helper \ FastMM4.pas',
  {$ ENDIF}
Em algum lugar no início do seu programa. Coloquei no UniLoginFormCreate:
  System.ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown: = True;
Quando você desliga, ele exibe um relatório se houver um vazamento.





Hello RobYost, thank you very much for the response. I'll try FastMM4, I'll give you some feedback soon. att Lucas.

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