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Possible to send binary data via ajaxRequest?


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I currently use code such as the following in a TUniHtmlFrame to send binary file data from the browser to the server:


function onFileLoadEnd(aEvent) {
  var fileContent = new Uint8Array(aEvent.target.result);
  var httpRequest = new XMLHttpRequest();
  httpRequest.open('POST', gv_UploadUrl);
  httpRequest.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/octet-stream');
This works, but has the following disadvantages:
  • Prior to running this code, I set gv_UploadUrl to a value obtained from UniSession.CallbackUrl(...MainForm()...). When onFileLoadEnd is called, it then triggers the OnAjaxEvent of the project's main form. I would prefer it to trigger the OnAjaxEvent of the TUniHtmlFrame instead.

  • Handling the event in this way seems to be prone to the __BASE64__ Ajax Error that i mentioned in a previous post. I did move all of the data processing from the OnAjaxEvent handler to a background thread, and this certainly reduces the occurrence of the __BASE64__ Ajax Error, but it still happens occasionally

Is there a way to transmit binary data from the browser to the OnAjaxEvent of a TUniHtmlFrame? Elsewhere in the code i am able to use the function ajaxRequest in Javascript to trigger the OnAjaxEvent of a TUniHtmlFrame and attach text-based data to it in the third parameter:

function handleFiles(aFiles) {
  var params = [];
  for (var i = 0, f; f = aFiles[i]; i++) {
    gv_MaxFileID = gv_MaxFileID + 1;
    f.FileID = gv_MaxFileID;
    f.ToBeDeleted = false;
    params.push("filename" + i + "=" + f.name); 
    params.push("fileID" + i + "=" + f.FileID); 
    params.push("filesize" + i + "=" + f.size);
    params.push("filetype" + i + "=" + f.type); 
  ajaxRequest(frmWizardFrame_DragDropFileUploader.hfrCode, "filesdropped", params);
But it's not clear to me how i could send binary data. Of course, i could base-64 encode the binary data and then send it as text, but that makes it 33% bigger.


Alternatively, is there some version of UniSession.CallbackUrl that returns a URL that triggers the OnAjaxEvent of a given TUniHtmlFrame, rather than a form? Then i could continue using my existing code with XMLHttpRequest.

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