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Calendar Panel with multiple Resources


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This kind of functionality - resources - is not something I typically find

in the calendars/schedulers available, and only in the more advanced

implementations, like ExtCalendar and some others.


I too speculated about this option in calendar panel, but as far as

I know, it did not exist. But maybe this have changed, not sure, but

the thing is not heavily documentet from the ExtJS side.


But I needed so many different options, that it would probably have

been a bigger nightmare to use the calendar panel, than to write

my own calendar.


I too would like a very advanced, customizable day/month calendar

made purely in ExtJS, with push functionality, rooms, graphics and

all the bells and whistles. If I had a free year or two, I'd like to make

that, but I'd have to learn ExtJS well first, and that takes another year...

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