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Hello, I use Unigui trial, and I use a Ativex component (CZKEM) for the fingerprint, everything works fine, only some events as ... "Onfinger", "OnOnrollfinger" yet others play events like "Onconned" and "OnDisconnect" works perfectly:

This is for example the the DLL functions that work:

    procedure CZKEMDisConnected (Sender: TObject);

    procedure CZKEMConnected (Sender: TObject);

This is for example the functions of the DLL not work:

 procedure CZKEMEnrollFinger(ASender: TObject; EnrollNumber, FingerIndex, ActionResult, TemplateLength: Integer);

CZKEMFinger procedure (Sender: TObject);

And part of unit activex control:
unit zkeuemkeeper_TLB;

{$TYPEDADDRESS OFF} // L'unité doit être compilée sans pointeur à type contrôlé.  
{$ALIGN 4}


uses Winapi.Windows, System.Classes, System.Variants, System.Win.StdVCL, Vcl.Graphics, Vcl.OleCtrls, Vcl.OleServer, Winapi.ActiveX;

  // Versions mineure et majeure de la bibliothèque de types
  zkeuemkeeperMajorVersion = 1;
  zkeuemkeeperMinorVersion = 0;

  LIBID_zkeuemkeeper: TGUID = '{EE9EED34-E159-408E-8490-B720A5E632C7}';

  DIID__IZKEUEMEvents: TGUID = '{CE83B580-5D32-4C65-B44E-BEDC750CDFA8}';
  IID_IZKEUEM: TGUID = '{103F4206-E43D-4FC9-BAB0-331CFFE4D25B}';
  CLASS_CZKEUEM: TGUID = '{00753A19-BD51-419B-9269-2DABE57EB61F}';
 _IZKEUEMEvents = dispinterface;
  IZKEUEM = interface;
  IZKEUEMDisp = dispinterface;


// *********************************************************************//
// Déclaration de structures, d'unions et d'alias.                         
// *********************************************************************//
  PShortint1 = ^Shortint; {*}
  PInteger1 = ^Integer; {*}
  PByte1 = ^Byte; {*}
  PWordBool1 = ^WordBool; {*}

 _IZKEUEMEvents = dispinterface

 procedure OnEnrollFinger(EnrollNumber: Integer; FingerIndex: Integer; ActionResult: Integer; 
                             TemplateLength: Integer); dispid 3;

 procedure OnConnected; dispid 6;
    procedure OnDisConnected; dispid 7;
    procedure OnFinger; dispid 8;

TCZKEUEM = class(TOleControl)
    FOnEnrollFinger: TCZKEUEMOnEnrollFinger;
    FOnConnected: TNotifyEvent;
    FOnDisConnected: TNotifyEvent;
    FOnFinger: TNotifyEvent;

    property OnEnrollFinger: TCZKEUEMOnEnrollFinger read FOnEnrollFinger write FOnEnrollFinger;
    property OnConnected: TNotifyEvent read FOnConnected write FOnConnected;
    property OnDisConnected: TNotifyEvent read FOnDisConnected write FOnDisConnected;
    property OnFinger: TNotifyEvent read FOnFinger write FOnFinger;



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