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UniCalendar 'deprecated'


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When I use calendar (or when opening calendar example from unigui) I got this in browser console, why?




Windows 7 pro

Delphi Xe8







And how can I add 'jumb to'?




And how can I make the week to be default display?



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Documentation for Calendar here: http://ext.ensible.com/deploy/dev/docs/#!/api/Extensible.calendar.CalendarPanel


To set 'Week' as default use (extjs clientevents):

function afterrender(sender, eOpts)
 Ext.defer(function() {sender.setActiveView(1);}, 1000);//give it some delay otherwise it will animate scroll down & up :-)  
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hi mohammad,


i try to personalize nav panel, without success.

I'm trying to add "toDay" button and "jump to" section.


I've just added some code to ClientEvents->UniEvents on beforeInit: 

function beforeInit(sender, config)
  config.monthViewCfg = {
      // disable drug and drop
      enableDD: false,     
      // show day of week on column header
      showHeader: true ,
      // starting week with Mondey
      startDay : 1      

That code working well, but now (in according with specification at the site's you are post before) i would add fetature to "jump to" and "today" with the following config property of CalendarPanel. 

  // nav bar, day feature
  showNavToday : true,
  showNavJump : true,

It's not running. How do you have solved your first question?


thanks in advantage,


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