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Question regarding frames


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I need that all my Frames have the same virtual method RefreshData.

I created a common ancestor for the frames:

  TCommonFrame = class(TUniFrame)
     procedure RefreshData; virtual;abstract;

and placed it into MainModule. For my actual Frames I changed manually their ancestor from TUniFrame to TCommonFrame:

  TUniFrame1 = class(TCommonFrame)    
    procedure RefreshData;override;

where I overrided the RefreshData method.

Everything looks nice and works fine until the moment when I decides to "View as Text" any Frame or merely restart Delphi.

After that any my Frame immediately starts looking as a Form (border view is changed), a lot of errors appear and nothing works.

Where did I make a mistake? Ho to do it properly?


I also tried using Class Helper for TUniFrame with a single RefreshData method, compilation was successful, but running caused access violation.


Another question, the Forms OnDestroy handler is called earlier than OnDestroy of the Frames it owns. Is it normal?


I have made workarounds so the questions above are just theoretical

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