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  1. Hello, I need that all my frames have the same virtual method XXXX. I created a common ancestor for the frames: TCommonFrame = class(TUniFrame) procedure XXXX; virtual;abstract; end; and placed it into MainModule. For my actual Frames I changed manually their ancestor from TUniFrame to TCommonFrame: TUniFrame1 = class(TCommonFrame) procedure XXXX;override; end; where I overrided the XXXX method. Everything looks nice and works fine until the moment when I decides to "View as Text" any Frame or merely restart Delphi. After that any my Frame
  2. I have the same problem.. did you receive an answer ?? Thanks
  3. I know thah Microsft end Windows CE but we have a lot of Datalogic... also new datalogic are with Android. I ask if there is some trick to create and UNIGUI application for this old version. Thanks
  4. No… thanks but is not possible use smartphones. DATALOGIC (like also ZEBRA, MOTOROLA or other devices) have integrated the scanner for barcodes… smartphone no. is a very different thing
  5. Hello. If i want to develop a little application to register stock inventory with DATALOGIC MEMOR (built in with Windows ce 6 and barcode scanner embedded) what is the way ? I try with mobile application and unigui application but nothing works… it say "loading…" Feature are... Microsoft Intenet Explorer Mozilla/4.0 (Compatibile; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1) It JScript.rel.5.8.0 WinCE 240X320 Thanks Stefano
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