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How to create custom controls using TUniFrame and TUniContainerPanel?


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Hi, everyone,


In standard Delphi VCL for the desktop it is possible to create new VCL visual components the easy way of the hard way.

  • The hard way is to create everything in code and hope that it will render correctly later. You design it first and export the design to code.
  • The easy way is to keep always everything as a RAD design. You can do that by using TFrame and converting it to a control (exposing the internal properties or hiding them), or by embedding the TFrame in the control.

I'll like to use the same "easy option" with uniGUI, but I need to encapsulate the frame so that the only published and visible properties come from the control.

It looks like inheriting from TUniContainerPanel could be a solution.


If that is correct, where can I find some demo code for testing it?


I'm interested in providing design time support for that new component, like activating a database connection and showing a live grid.




David Izada Rodriguez


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