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Security Vulnerabilities / CSRF / XSS


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I will presume that uniGUI utilizes AJAX to do it's communication to the server. I have a concern about vulnerabilities with the framework. There are many types of vulnerabilities. Can anyone please comment on whether or not uniGUI is vulnerable to the CSRF or XSS attacks?  And if so, how to mitigate them?


As far as sql injection is concerned, that is more of a programmer carefully crafting their sql statements, so no worries there. IE: Check for ' and replace with '' .... replace apostrophe with two apostrophes.




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uniGUI uses Ext.js. As far as I know, ExtJS is vulnerable to all sorts of injection and XSS attacks, unless the programmer is very careful. See:





Ext.js doesn't do any HTML escaping by default, not just in the table row...




That said, uniGUI does a better job at protecting the server from those attacks, at least some vulnerabilities have been fixed throughout the years




But some issues are still open...





depending on what kind of software you are developing there are probably workarounds (browse the forums and you will find plenty).
Happy bugging/debugging!

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