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Truncating caption in TUniLabel


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In my project i am using TUniLabel to display filenames, which can get quite long. If the filename is too long to fit into the space allocated at design time, i would like the TUniLabel to simply truncate the remaining characters in the filename. Instead the TUniLabel seems to expand either horizontally or vertically (depending on the value of the AutoSize property) so as to display the full filename. This obscures other controls on the form. As a workaround i tried placing a TUniPanel with the desired dimensions, and then placing a TUniLabel with Align=alClient on top of that. This does prevent the filename from obscuring other controls. However if the filename contains a hypen (-) or a space ( ) -- e.g. "3298_4.AB-DocumentName_2015.pdf" -- the rest of the filename wraps and the user only gets to see "3298_4.AB-".


Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to implement this?


Many thanks,


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