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Text in UniDBGrid with "Click" AjaxRequest


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In a UniDBGrid, I have a field that content is a plain text (String).
How can I set up an event "click" for performing a ajaxRequest this text?

The attached image shows an example where the text "Edit" I need to perform a ajaxRequest to open another form.

Anyone have any ideas?



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Use a text like this:


<span onclick="alert(123)">Edit</span>

Instead of "alert(123)" you must use "ajaxRequest(...)"


Hi Oliver, 
I tried using ajaxRequest, but without success. 
My code is in the OnGetText TField event, located in MainModule, as follows: 
procedure TMainModule.cdsAccounteditGetText(Sender: TField;
  var Text: string; DisplayText: Boolean);
  Text := '<span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #004891; cursor: pointer" ' +
   ' onclick="ajaxRequest(sender, '+QuotedStr('search')+');">Edit</span>';


How do I capture the ajaxRequest? In theory, not have OnAjaxEvent for this text. 
Thanks for your help.
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 Hi Oliver!


 Seconds after I post, I remember that I needed to reference the form and component related the "sender", and it worked correctly, Thanks!


Bellow the code:


 Text := '<span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #004891; cursor: pointer" ' +
   ' onclick="ajaxRequest(fmAccount.btSearch, '+QuotedStr('search')+');">Edit</span>';
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