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Delphi code for client side, is it possible?


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Hi farshad,


I'm working on 'Ms Slider' beta version now, it's a complex web app, for designing and creating js based banners instead of flash banners, I had a lot of challenges when I start developing the alpha version, the code was based on server side and client side and I had to track objects in both sides in order to get a right result, and it was not easy.


So I decided to build it from scratch and all code will be in client side except: saving, loading projects and uploading images. for now it working great and I had to learn more basic things about extjs :-) so I thought it would be very nice to write a delphi code for 'client side' and unigui will translate it to .js code :-))))


It just a thought that I think will be a great for unigui...


Thank you for great framework farshad ;-) 

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