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TEDIT / DBEDIT with a dynamic table query


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Proposed new component 
A TEDIT / DBEDIT component that has a button associated or event as an F4 Double click with the characteristic that can query a table, select a component in the specified field and return it to the TDBEdit / DBEDIT. My solictud is that I do so in delphi 5 and saves me lots of time developing, I think it might be a standard component of software component or otherwise a component of PAYMENT 


basic example 
New properties 
Table query when the edit / DBEdit (select table) is pressed 
Country and return value to edit (select from table columm) 
filter associated with the component (where) 
He pressed F4 / doubleclick 
Displays generic way with the selected table XXXX 
When you select a field returns the value component I invoke the query
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