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Please help with javascript: Change Image


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[Webmode]  Hello,


i am trying to make a little selfmade Grid at runtime ;-) 


at runtime i create uniPanels

 - every unipanel has a unique tag value ...the name is PNL + the unique Number


every unipanel has a uniImage

 - the uniImage has the same tag value like the parent uniPanel  ... the name is IMG + the unique Number



Now i want to "select" a panel with a single click .. and the picture of the uniImage should be changed to "select.gif" 

.. and a second click should change the picture to "noselect.gif" 


And with a double click - i want to show informations of the doubleclicked record


Can someone help me with this ?





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in the mean time - i made it with delphi ...  javascript is not a strangth of me ;-) ...

procedure my_panel_click ...

    for i:=0 to (sender as TuniPanel).ComponentCount-1 do
       if (sender as TuniPanel).Components[i].ClassName= 'TUniImage' then
           if ((sender as TuniPanel).Components[i] as TUniImage).Name = 'IMG'+inttostr((sender as TuniPanel).tag) then
                       if ((sender as TuniPanel).Components[i] as TUniImage).Tag = 0 then
                        ((sender as TuniPanel).Components[i] as TUniImage).Tag:=1;
                        ((sender as TuniPanel).Components[i] as TUniImage).Picture.LoadFromFile(uniServerModule.FilesFolderPath+'folder_orange_voll.gif');
                        ((sender as TuniPanel).Components[i] as TUniImage).Tag:=0;
                        ((sender as TuniPanel).Components[i] as TUniImage).Picture.LoadFromFile(uniServerModule.FilesFolderPath+'folder_orange_leer.gif');

this in javascript would be nice ;-) .. better performance  ..


Nice greetings


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