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Anyone interested in a paid experiment?


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I’m looking for an experienced Delphi XE3 / XE4 developer who can write me a demo app with the framework Fabric.js


The demo should include something like this:



The idea is to create a Delphi browser application with uniGUI, and to integrate Fabric.js into this application in order to have a simple DTP editor. If this demo works, then there will be a larger job assigned to whoever wants to continue with it.


At the moment I have no idea if this idea would work, because I have no experience with uniGUI. Maybe there's even a simpler solution, though I have not seen any good drag & drop and canvas editing in uniGUI. The question is, can another framework be integrated in uniGUI? If the answer is a simple NO, then please just explain here.


Otherwise please send me an offer for this demo per PM to info@1stein.de


Thank you.


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Does that mean, I can embed any other JS libraries in uniGUI, and acces them also through uniGUI?


Can I access the full document DOM?


Maybe this is a stupid quesition, but as a Delphi developer I am somewhat lacking experience.

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