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How to set focus to the control?


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Because  TUniDBGrid in this version lost key focus after data refreshing  after grid.refresh and any any any actions, i need to set key focus to grid. How can I do this?


I Try


1. Grids.SetFocus

2. Form.ActiveControl := Grids


No any affects :)


Is who know how set focus to the control in UNIGUI?

Many thanks for help me.



Gurow N V (aka altagur)

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Thanks a lot.


On KeyDown Event i am change query and close and open dataset connected to grid after than  grid lost focus.

I have a tree structure and then push enter i must go to the node and show child nodes like file structure in Norton Commander

I press enter chclose open query and view child nodes but cant move thru grid by arrows because grid lost focus.I try to view any ajax event after refresh grid and Set focus.

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