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Bennie Coetzer

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I have just learnt about this development after asking some suggestions on how to do a web application development.  I am reasonably experienced with desktop application development and currently work in DelphiXE3 and Firemonkey.  I have however never done a web application before and now wish to do so.

The application is fundamentally a database with information and images and web users will log in to find appropriate data and images.  Some presentation manipulation takes place but I will start with a simple app which must later be able to add smarter functionality.  The application already exists in desktop format with the required functionality and I would like to use as much of current development as possible.


1. Is uniGUI the correct platform

2. How do I get started with a uniGUI development and what do I need

3. Can I get hold of a beta version to get a feel for the capability

4. When is the full release expected to see the light of day

5. Do you expect uniGUI to have a substantial following guaranteeing future development


Kind regards


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