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Problem with deployment UniGui


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I have one strange problem. My application I made on my computer at home. When I try to deploy to work computer I have a problem. On my home computer application work well but not on work computer. With framework is all ok , visualization, UI components and other. My problem is different, on button "save" I put some procedure (in background)to insert data to MySQL database (copy field value from opne table or query to another ), but... Some data have been entered some not... (btw. I use MyDAC component for Mysql databases).

I must to repeat same application work on home computer perfectly 100%.

Only different is that application is made in Windows7 OS, and my computer at work have WindowsXP OS, and home computer is faster and better than the computer on work..

I use same MySQL server, same Apache server (I use xampplite).

Is there some logic reason what is wrong?

Any ideas?

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