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Now, if SessionRestrict is set to srOnePerPC, server closes automatically the first session starting a completely new one. Instead, it is possible to redirect the new session to the same state as closed one?, or close the new one and redirect to the first session opened?. This could help us a lot because we have some problems with user experience with UniGUI Web Application related with "reload" option (with back and forward buttons too). The reload is made:



•with the obvious user action on the reload button or pressing F5: here, we can quarrel the user to avoid the usage of this feature, but it could be interesting if there is a way to disable the refresh (back and forward options also)


•When the user download a file and IE blocking mechanism is activated, when the user "clicks" on the upper bar to confirm the download, UniGUI application starts a new session instead of downloading the file (our users can't change this option because it is established for all employees of the company).



If there is a way to manage those situations within UniGUI, we would greatly appreciate a help.


Thanks in advance.

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