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Session tracking mechanism


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Hi Frashad,


Please, could you comment briefly the session tracking mechanism used in UniGUI (cookie, hidden field, other) ??


Might it be possible to implement two or three ways and choose between them in the ServerModule??


This is because we have serious problems with IE8 users (in our company, most of configs of the browser are "closed" and we can't modify them). In many, many, many cases, UniGUI thinks that the user is accessing a session already closed when in fact it is a new session, showing the session terminating page even if you click the "Restart application" link again and again.


Sometimes solved closing all open IE windows (which is annoying for the users because it forces them to close other applications). But we have many cases where that is not enough, which is a real problem because the affected user can't access UniGUI application.


Thanks in advance...

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Hi again,

Related with this, we caught the following exceptions on IE8. Pressing again and again "Restart application" UniGUI sends you to the Invalid session or session Timeout page. But sometimes, those exceptions are thrown (see attached files), the first of them rather more frequently than the second...

Please, we need an urgent help because users can't use the application which creates a major upset...

Thanks in advance...



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