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The IP or Port is already in use -or- the IP does not exist.

UniGUI uses default settings for IP and Port unless you override them.

I use the following:-

procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleBeforeInit(Sender: TObject);


AddNewBindingsFlag:= ?
HttpPort:= ?
BindToIpStr:= ?
SslPort:= ?
SslPassword:= ?  

  if AddNewBindingsFlag = True then begin
    // Remove Any IDE Bindings
    // Add binding for http
    with Bindings.Add do begin
      IP:= '';
      Port:= 0;
    // Set http binding/port
    if UniServerModule.Bindings.Count > 0 then begin
      // Set Binding [0] http
      UniServerModule.Bindings.Items[0].Port:= HttpPort;
      UniServerModule.Bindings.Items[0].IP:=   BindToIpStr;
      UniServerModule.Bindings.Items[0].BroadcastEnabled:= True;
    end else begin
      UniServerModule.Port:= HttpPort; 
    if UseSslFlag = True then begin
      // Remove Any IDE Bindings
      // Add binding for https
      with SSL.SSLBindings.Add do begin
        IP:= '';
        Port:= 0;
      // Set https binding/port
      if UniServerModule.SSL.SSLBindings.Count > 0 then begin
        // Set Binding [0] https
        UniServerModule.SSL.SSLBindings.Items[0].Port:= SslPort;
        UniServerModule.SSL.SSLBindings.Items[0].IP:= BindToIpStr;
        UniServerModule.SSL.SSLBindings.Items[0].BroadcastEnabled:= True;
      end else begin
        UniServerModule.SSL.SSLPort:= 0;
      // Assign Certificate 
      SSL.SSLOptions.RootCertFile:= UniServerModule.StartPath + 'root.pem';
      SSL.SSLOptions.CertFile:=     UniServerModule.StartPath + 'cert.pem';
      SSL.SSLOptions.KeyFile:=      UniServerModule.StartPath + 'key.pem';  
      SSL.SSLPassword:=             SslPassword;
      SSL.Enabled:=                 True;
    end; // UseSslFlag
  end; // AddNewBindingsFlag


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