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How to access a PDF network file ?

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Some help please...

I need to access a pdf file that is in a network server, i created an alias in apache, 

i can access from the browser the file needed it open ok , to test in unigui i changed the  unigui demo pdf

procedure TMainmForm.UnimBitBtn3Click(Sender: TObject);
  form_pdf: Twndpdf_test;
  if UnimList1.ItemIndex >= 0 then
    form_pdf := Twndpdf_test.Create(UniApplication);
 //   form_pdf.PDfFile := 'pdfs/' + UnimList1.Text; <-----changed to 
    form_pdf.PDfFile := 'https://servidor.pmfezer.com.br/yyy/xxxxx.pdf'; <---- this

but unigui put the server name in front


how to remove this http://localhost... just for the moment of opening this pdf, because all the others files he need to continue saving on /files...

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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